Technical Manpower Supply

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McMatthy Nigeria Limited is committed to providing exceptional technical manpower services to the oil and gas industry. Our core principles of professionalism, safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We strive to consistently deliver highly sk personnel (indigenous and expatriate) who are adept at handling a wide range of technical challenges in the oil and gas sect safety of our workforce and adhere to the highest industry standards, implementing rigorous safety protocols to mitigate ris working environment. Our commitment to efficiency drives us to optimize our operations and continuously improve our service productivity and reducing downtime for our clients. We firmly believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, works closely with them to understand their unique requirements and deliver tailored solutions.
We supply low, mid to high-level technical, operational, and managerial professionals to companies in the Oil and Gas Indust

    We take care of all activities related to the recruitment and employment of the seconded personnel which include:
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Mobilization
  • Visas & Work permits
  • Payroll, Expenses, Taxes, and Insurance
  • Employment contracts